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Adult Formation

Sunday Adult Formation - 9:00 am Parish Hall

2017 Fall Series:  Paradoxical Visions of God

The Bible offers a paradoxical description of how God and, consequently, God’s people respond to injustice, including political injustice. Is God a God of vengeance and retributive justice or is God a God of peace and restorative justice?  Yes. Both visions of God are in the Bible. So, what are we to do with these paradoxical visions of God? Try to hold them together simultaneously, moving back and forth from one to the other, depending on the circumstances? Do we simply pick the one we like, based on our own political preferences? Over the next few weeks we will explore these visions of God found throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, allowing the life and teachings of Jesus to help us to negotiate these competing visions.


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